Tuesday 1st March 2016

Bobby, Bailee, Brandon and Megan are going to the meeting. It is important people – the Governors. We are going to tell them about the changes in School Council. “I think they should help us in School Council” says Bobby.

Sports Relief 18th March 2016

Football, Walking and Boccia

More details to follow

We decided to do the big Cookathon – we want to get everyone to cook the same.

The Big Cookathon

the big cookathon

 23rd-25th April 2016

The official recipe is the Big Cookathon Cottage Pie – a healthy version of a traditional favourite.

This year we’re on a mission to reclaim family mealtimes. The Big Cookathon Cottage Pie, takes its inspiration from a time when meals were eaten by families around a table at home, without the distraction of mobile phones and computer games.

With your help we can show the nation how easy it is to cook and how much fun they can have in the kitchen, whether it’s at school or home. Learning to cook is an essential life skill and we believe that by eating better, children do better. 


Bobby and Mostafa


Next meeting 10th May 2016


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