Pear Tree Health Festival

As part of the British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week we held Pear Tree Health Festival.

What a successful day!

The whole school tried to complete the 5 challenges:

  • have breakfast
  • have 5 A DAY
  • drink plenty
  • get active
  • try something new

To do this:

  • Each class chose a country to look at the food served there and made healthy alternatives.
  • There was a healthy breakfast tuck shop.
  • AFC Fylde came in to deliver a talk on sugar in food and drink.
  • Exercise activities including sports club at lunchtime.
  • Activities based around the Eatwell plate, lunchboxes, healthy meals and snacks and a bush tucker trial of unusual fruits.

DSC00708 DSC00709

“Too much sugar is bad for you. Coke has 20 spoonfuls of sugar in it. I drink too much coke.”

DSC00732 “Sometimes the food I like is bad for me if I eat too much.”            DSCF0661 DSCF0674 DSCN5520 DSCN5549

“I’m not sure about these odd fruits?”


“Italian and Chinese food can be healthy if you cook them well and don’t use lots of oil.”


“It was good. Better than RE!”


IMG_0475 IMG_0482 IMG_0487 IMG_0489

The Compass Centre were really motivated by the sessions and came over to main school to join in all the activities.

Staff comments: “Tasting really challenged the pupils and introduced new tastes”; e.g. passion fruit, mango, papaya

“Pupils made definite choices of what they liked and disliked.”

“Very informative”, “hands on”, “practical”, “fun”, “interactive”.

” The pupils used the tuck shop like they normally did and independently chose and bought their choice of breakfast.

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