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Final Meeting 19th July 2016

The last School Council meeting of the year was a celebration of the members’ hard work. We had a party after completing the final business. It’s been a busy year, but we have achieved so much:

  • reorganised the School Council
  • raised money for Pear Tree Sixth Form and various charities
  • arranged The Big Cookathon
  • helped gain Lancashire Healthy Schools Flagship status.

Have a fantastic summer and see you in September!

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Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme

In June 2016 Pear Tree achieved the Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme



We have achieved all 12 quality standards in the following areas:

Physical Activity; Emotional Health and Well being; Learning and Teaching; Safety Education; Ethos; Curriculum Planning and Implementation; PSHE and Citizenship; Leadership, Management and Managing Change; Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education; Healthy Eating; Sex and Relationship Education; Partnerships with Families and Local Communities.

Looking through the Healthy Schools blog will show you the range of activities and work that has been undertaken and the changes achieved to attain this award.

Well done to all the school – pupils, staff, School Council and the Senior leadership Team for all their hard work and support to achieve Flagship Status.

Pear Tree has also achieved the Lancashire Healthy Schools Standard


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School Council Meetings

Last meeting of the school year 2015-2016

Tuesday 19th July 2016


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Pear Tree Health Festival

As part of the British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week we held Pear Tree Health Festival.

What a successful day!

The whole school tried to complete the 5 challenges:

  • have breakfast
  • have 5 A DAY
  • drink plenty
  • get active
  • try something new

To do this:

  • Each class chose a country to look at the food served there and made healthy alternatives.
  • There was a healthy breakfast tuck shop.
  • AFC Fylde came in to deliver a talk on sugar in food and drink.
  • Exercise activities including sports club at lunchtime.
  • Activities based around the Eatwell plate, lunchboxes, healthy meals and snacks and a bush tucker trial of unusual fruits.

DSC00708 DSC00709

“Too much sugar is bad for you. Coke has 20 spoonfuls of sugar in it. I drink too much coke.”

DSC00732 “Sometimes the food I like is bad for me if I eat too much.”            DSCF0661 DSCF0674 DSCN5520 DSCN5549

“I’m not sure about these odd fruits?”


“Italian and Chinese food can be healthy if you cook them well and don’t use lots of oil.”


“It was good. Better than RE!”


IMG_0475 IMG_0482 IMG_0487 IMG_0489

The Compass Centre were really motivated by the sessions and came over to main school to join in all the activities.

Staff comments: “Tasting really challenged the pupils and introduced new tastes”; e.g. passion fruit, mango, papaya

“Pupils made definite choices of what they liked and disliked.”

“Very informative”, “hands on”, “practical”, “fun”, “interactive”.

” The pupils used the tuck shop like they normally did and independently chose and bought their choice of breakfast.

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Tuesday 17th May 2016

School Council talked about –

The Big Cookathon – everyone had cottage pie at school on Monday 25th April.

Our hard work on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco got us the Lancashire Healthy Schools quality standard for Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education.

Pear Tree Health Festival is on Monday 13th June 2016 – we think there should be activities like

  • football and sport
  • exercise
  • things that are good for you to eat
  • personal hygiene – cleaning your nails, cleaning your teeth, showering, using deodorant

P1040442                        P1040444


The next meeting will be our last of this year. We are having a party!


Tuesday 19th July 2016

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The Big Cookathon

Despite The Big Cookathon being at the end of our Easter holidays lots of the families participated and sat down to a family meal. Many of the pupils helped make the cottage pie too!

Lukes cottage pie class 1Luke in class 1 had a personalised cottage pie

Megan Burrow

Megan made a cottage pie to share with her family.

On the Monday we celebrated The Big Cookathon with all the pupils having quorn cottage pie at lunchtime.

Senior 1 (2)                                              Senior 1 (4)

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The Big Cookathon

big cookathon letter

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Governor Meeting 15th March 2016

Governors’ Meeting

Megan, Bobby and Brandon represented the School Council at the Governors’ meeting.

They spoke about the changes made to School Council since September and what they had been doing to improve it:


This year we decided to make changes to the School Council.

The students wanted to have a bigger role.

What did we do?

  • The members of School Council were given a Lower School class to be responsible for, so we have to drop off the minutes after the meetings.
  • We all volunteered for jobs within School Council – Chair of meeting, Minute taker, Blog writers, Photographers.
  • We want to help in decision making in the school especially if changes are going to affect us.


We voted for a School Council badge which we could wear all the time so people know they can come to us with ideas. This is it.

We had a competition to design a Pear Tree School Council logo.

This is the winning one.


We organise the fundraising in school.

This year we have raised money for the new 6th form building and Children in Need.

We are arranging to do the Big Cookathon in April. You can join in too and make a cottage pie.


We have helped Nicola work on the Lancashire Healthy Schools Standards.

We want to have gained Flagship Status by July. We will be only the third school in Lancashire to have got this.

So far we have 8 of the 12 standards.

We took part in special sessions on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education to help us understand the dangers. This helped us and we gained a quality standard too.

We are also doing sessions with the NSPCC and The Children’s Society to teach us about personal safety and this will get us a quality standard too.


Thank you for listening to us.

We hope you will support our School Council.

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Pear Tree Health Festival

The British Nutrition Foundation is running a Healthy Eating Week 13th-17th June 2016

On Monday 13th June 2016 we are having a Pear Tree Health Festival

Including: Have a breakfast, have 5 a day, drink plenty, get active and try something new

More details to follow.

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Tuesday 1st March 2016

Bobby, Bailee, Brandon and Megan are going to the meeting. It is important people – the Governors. We are going to tell them about the changes in School Council. “I think they should help us in School Council” says Bobby.

Sports Relief 18th March 2016

Football, Walking and Boccia

More details to follow

We decided to do the big Cookathon – we want to get everyone to cook the same.

The Big Cookathon

the big cookathon

 23rd-25th April 2016

The official recipe is the Big Cookathon Cottage Pie – a healthy version of a traditional favourite.

This year we’re on a mission to reclaim family mealtimes. The Big Cookathon Cottage Pie, takes its inspiration from a time when meals were eaten by families around a table at home, without the distraction of mobile phones and computer games.

With your help we can show the nation how easy it is to cook and how much fun they can have in the kitchen, whether it’s at school or home. Learning to cook is an essential life skill and we believe that by eating better, children do better. 


Bobby and Mostafa


Next meeting 10th May 2016


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